Regression to the mean

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How many people voted on the 1st of October independence referendum?

Acknowledgements This blog couldn’t have been written without the scripts published by the authors of Sturgis et al 20171 and the responses to my questions provided by people at ‘Centre d’Estudis d’Opinió’ (CEO). How many people voted? The official data offered by the Catalan Government a few days after the independence referendum registered a turnout of almost 2.3 million votes or 43.03% of the census2.

You didn't like the 7th season of GoT? This might be why

Introduction My main reason to love Game of Thrones (GoT) is that is a show with ruthless and unpredictable narratives. It shows a world with a large amount of rich and absorbing characters that are always on the edge between life and death. Criticism sparked after the last two seasons were aired1. The show seems to have become more fast-paced, spending less time in slowly build complex stories and more in action scenes.